With 100’s of businesses of all sizes, and over 27 million secure transactions to date, here are a few that have already deployed SDX

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Examples of some of the comments we receive

We have now replaced email for sending customer documentation with SDX to assist GDPR compliance, it was cost effective to install and has also saved us a fortune in potential postage costs
Deploying SDX has enabled us to greatly speed up our new customer validation process, our cost savings will be at least 50%
SDX is a component of our digital development strategy, it gives us the level of security our customers require and its ease of integration helps us deliver great ongoing service, most of our customer documentation goes by this method now
Integrating SDX into our core product adds value for our users providing them with both cost savings and the secure and immediate delivery of their customer confidential data
The team at SDX are really good to work with, their attention and speed of delivery allows us to get our product to market fast, the new e- signature option will be a great asset
We have 3 different office systems as a result of acquisitions, SDX has sorted the problem for us as it works with any system so we only have one secure delivery method for customer documentation across the whole business
I wanted to be able to send confidential customer information using any admin system as we may change supplier in the future, we wanted something that would also deal with our manual, non- computer generated business, SDX has provided both for us, I don’t know of any other service that has the independence and flexibility of SDX