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Trusted by the world’s most demanding industry sectors

Since our inception, we’ve been trusted by some of the most demanding industry sectors in the world, such as financial services, insurance and customer service organisations. Our clients cannot afford problems. We don’t let them down.

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Fully aligned with your goals

We’re not a consultancy. We don’t get paid by the hour. Instead, we make our money from the transactions that you carry out using our platform. This has several important consequences for your business:

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We don’t hang about

It’s in our interest to get your project up and running as fast as possible, and we’ve developed a unique toolkit to cut project delivery times by 90% compared to other customer engagement platforms.

We’re fixated on improving your business

We know that if our platform doesn’t yield better results than you have already then you won’t use it—and we won’t get paid.

We’re sticklers for quality and security

We know you cannot afford to lose a single transaction. Neither can we—our business depends on it.

Expertise you can trust

Add Sdx to your technology stack and you’ll benefit from a platform that has been tested across hundreds of projects and thousands of users worldwide. And when it comes to security, our team helped write the book.

Our experts collaborated on the World Wide Web Consortium security standards that underpin the Internet today—and are baked into our secure messaging platform.


Sdx provides better digital experiences for your users

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