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We work across a wide range of industries and can add value to any organisation that seeks closer customer engagement.

Sdx is trusted by more than 70 leading enterprises across 300+ project implementations and over the last 15 years has delivered 30 million digital customer engagements.


During the COVID-19 emergency we were able to provide FBD with a digital alternative to their print distribution facility, all in the space of a week.

Banking and Finance

At the Consumer Credit Association, we have cut the time it takes to process contractual paperwork to a matter of minutes instead of days.

Car Rental

We’ve developed a digital ‘rental wallet’ customers can reach via their smart mobile devices, to access all rental documentation.

Housing Market

Use our engagement platform for identity and address verification, digital paperwork, fault reporting and a whole lot more.


Streamline your recruitment processes by carrying out identity verification and document exchange within a customised digital wallet.

Public Sector

From visa handling to COVID passports, we can help you deliver highly secure and scalable digital tools to improve citizen services.

Trusted by industry leaders

Our cloud-based platform has been shown to reduce project delivery times by up to 90% compared to traditional technologies.

  • 30 million users worldwide
  • 300 project implementations
  • 15 years of expertise

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