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Creating a digital wallet for key travel documents


The client

Millstream Underwriting, part of the Nexus Global group of underwriting companies, provides tailored travel, personal accident and health insurance products for a wide range of consumer groups, focusing on employees and professional trades such as pilots and the police.

Within the corporate sector, the underwriter acts on behalf of some of the biggest companies in the UK. It insures everything from income protection and dental treatment to personal accident and travel cover.

Insurance is a highly competitive market, so Millstream is always looking to innovate and provide added value to its clients and their employees. New technologies are a key focus of the industry, with 67% of UK brokers evolving communication to be more digital.

The Challenge

Travel insurance is a key product for corporate customers, providing the reassurance that busy execs and holidaymakers will be protected if anything happens to them on trips away.

But making a claim isn’t always easy: if your luggage has been stolen on the way to your conference centre, chances are you’ll have lost your insurance documents along with your bag.

Millstream Underwriting figured it could innovate in this area with a touch of digital flair. But it needed a trusted partner to take care of the technology part of the equation.

The SDX solution

Our Secure Digital eXchange technology was tailormade for this kind of application. We rapidly configured the SDX platform to provide a digital ‘travel wallet’ that travellers could access on their smart mobile devices.

The wallet not only contains travel insurance documents but can also be packed with any kind of documentation, from passport and driving licence scans to itineraries and booking details. And the information is totally safe since it can only be accessed by the user.

As a result, travellers who are insured via Millstream Underwriting can now rest assured on their travels. Their insurance documents and related documentation are all available at the tap of a screen, no matter where they are in the world.

The results

Not many other firms offer this kind of digital wizardry, putting Millstream Underwriting on top in terms of innovation and helping to create a competitive advantage for the business while cementing its relationship with corporate clients.

The wallet is a platform that can be used for the delivery of other value-added services. For example, SDX can help provide document validation services through an integration with GB Group, the globally leading provider of identity verification solutions.

This could allow customers to carry copies of their identity based solely on the documents in their digital wallet, so they can travel even if passports, visas and the like have been lost or stolen.

Another potential future application is to provide a digital COVID-19 passport for people who have been vaccinated. And the best bit? It’s all good for the planet, since digital document has a lower carbon footprint and creates less waste than paper.

““We have enjoyed working with SDX for a number of years. As with all strong partnerships, they listen carefully to understand our objectives and evolve with us whilst offering constructive critique and suggestions to achieve the best possible outcomes for Millstream and our customers.”” Tim Brangwyn, Group Chief Operating Officer at Nexus Group

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